15 November 2010

Mini Outdoor VLOG

Arriving in a small town, surrounded by large paddy fields, one man who stand tall just outside the toll plaza after an hour of his bus journey. One man who came to look for his way home. But then...

Yeah... I'm lost! I was waiting for my dad to come and fetch me. For me, I should be driving back home instead because I quite don't like wasting time doing nothing or waiting around. Everyone should have felt this way before right? Heck, I would prefer 1 and half hour journey rather than slower duration of 2 and half hours. My time is wasted just like that. But too bad for the people living in KL for which they have to gather around in a traffic jam for hours. I bet one of the few people will fall asleep during that rush hour, or maybe getting angry of it?

That's no life at all! This everyday routine should be changing by now.

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