03 November 2010

Flash Flood Hits Northen Malaysia

Since Nov 1, the news has spread about the flash floods in Perlis and Kedah states. This flood is said to be the worst for this year. I have the feeling that my hometown is also hit by the floods, as the rain never stops since I came back to home last weekends. So far, my housing area have not been hit by the floods. I'm felt lucky to be safe and I never experience it before. I would like to tell all my readers from either Perlis or Kedah, especially my Jitra and Alor Setar friends, please take care and pray for the floods to be cleared sooner. Hopefully everyone should be safe and sound after it is all over.

The flood has seeped into almost 3km long runway, causing the airport in Alor Setar to be closed, and there are cancelation of flights to KL. Besides, most of the affected schools were closed, roads were also closed and many people were evacuated from their homes to a safer place. Imagine I am the one who just experienced flash floods, it is not that I want to make laugh of these people who have suffered from floods before, no way! It is really serious. The houses and buildings were damaged, plants, animals, even there are people who have going missing or passed away during water floods. And now from what I heard is that the government said from November 3, which is today onwards there will be shortage of water supply.

Here are the lists of the affected areas and road closures in Kedah and Perlis:

Not just Kedah and Perlis were affected by the floods, Hatyai, Thailand was also affected according to what I have seen from the main page of the local Chinese newspaper while I was paying up for my supper at Kayu Nasi Kandar. Now I just remember that I have travelled over the floods by car while my family and I were on the trip to Hatyai few years back. Hmm...!

Updates: 08 Nov 2010
I have reached Penang after leaving my hometown few hours back. Right now my area is still normal as usual but still there is flood at the city's small roundabout as you can see on the main page of 7 Nov issue of The Star newspaper. When I was on bus journey out of my hometown via Jalan Sultanah, the roads and houses, even schools are covered with flood waters. But I am still wondering how come the bus driver did not take the other way to Southern Toll Plaza instead.

I hope everything will be fine for my hometown, especially my friends whose homes have been affected by the flood.


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