15 October 2010

Who Says My Browser Hangs?

One thing that I need to tell you now, one of my reader had complained about my blog that makes his browser hangs. I never thought myself opening my own blog can also be not responding as well. Hmm... what had actually caused that problem? Probably my blog content placed too much rubbish? Or maybe browser problem? I can't really tell because I am not your computer expert. My apologies to you, ok?

Finally I am back to hometown, I can relax myself for a little bit. So after this weekend, it's time for me to go back study for my test and also working on tons of assignments. I almost fainted you know! By the way, this is just a short post to my beloved readers. Get ready to check out my next update ya!

Napping time! Adios!
This post is brought to you by "Puma" cat. 
Shh! Do not disturb...

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