14 October 2010

Light Dimmer Assignment

From our basic lesson of "What is Light?", I will show you the complex version of light dimmer which I have done together with my partner during my assignment period. But I can't really teach you the whole tutorial about electrical theory for lights. Thousand apologies to my readers out there!

This is just a part of the circuit that I design and built. This module is the overvoltage protection circuit whereby to limit the solar voltage from overcharging the battery. When the battery charges up to 8.5V, the solar voltage will be cut off by the transistor and silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR). Besides, when the battery drops to 8V, the solar voltage resume charging. On testing period, this module functions well. The green LED indicates the battery is charging when both SCR and transistor are turned ON. Until the demonstration day, I was unable to figure it out what had happened to my green LED for which did not lit. Hopefully my lecturer understands my effort on this circuit.

Next is my partner's circuit module called light dimmer control. The purpose of this circuit is to control the light brightness. I have a nice girl partner who can really make the light really bright. I would like to thank her for her effort on our assignment together, without her my life would not be much easier. Hehe!

Finally, the pictures above shows my FAILED product of the solar lamp circuit. I was pretty much disappointed on wasting my precious time and money just by transferring the modules onto the veroboard. But still I enjoyed learning about the functions of the solar lamp as well. Previously, I doubt this will be hard for me to follow. After all, electrical studies are much more fun than I thought. In theory, I suck! xD


  1. well, i supposed it was your first time doing that solar lamp thing, sooner you'll make a perfect one and someday you'll be successful in your field. practice makes perfect brother...

  2. well.. you're just gonna get better right? =)

  3. @spawnskies: Yep... I enjoyed building it... Thanks bro!

    @ken: Of course... practice more to achieve greater heights! :D