17 October 2010

Penang Happenings: Premium Lanes Official Opening Day @ 101010

Last Sunday, which is our favourite date that is 10/10/10, the day where me and my friends play bowling for RM2 per game all-day long! Yes! That's considered very cheap just for a single day, and you can play as many games as you want for just RM2 per game. Thanks to Premium Lanes that I have to wait for hours just to try out the lanes. This place is situated on the 5th floor of Sunshine Square, Bayan Baru, Penang.

On this very nice day, Premium Lanes has officially launched their newly built bowling center equipped with 32 QubicaAMF lanes, the latest scoring system and technologies from AMF Bowling industries. This new technology was the second to bring into Malaysia after Melaka International Bowling Center has the same as well.

Me and my friends reached Premium Lanes at around 7pm after dinner, and look at the crowd! The lanes are fully occupied and there's not much lanes available. So what to do? I immediately go to the counter and make a reservation for a lane. Once I was accepted into the waiting list, I was told by the person-in-charge that there are 50 people before me. OMG! I have to wait for freaking hours just for an occupancy. Well, I will just sit around and hang out while waiting for my turn.

Few hours later...

I'm still the 9th person in the waiting list at that moment. But still I have to wait for another few more minutes. Seriously I don't like waiting, but for this is exceptional for me since that day is the special, because I'm too free to do anything. Here's is something that you don't want to see during the opening day, Lane 1 sweeper damaged. LMAO! xD

My turn is up! Paying for the game fees and shoe rental, and I'm ready to bowl! I couldn't play many games since I stopped bowling for months, and returning to bowl again seems harder to bring back my bowling basics that I was thought by my coach few years back. This time, I play without bringing my 'professional' ball and my gear. Let's see how I bowl!

Haha! My bowling skills are very lame than before. I admit that. But this kind of atmosphere makes me wanna bowl even more. I would like to congratulate the owner of the bowling alley for giving out RM2 per game rate for that day only.

After that day, the rates are now as follows:

That's all from Penang! :D

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  1. omg thats a lot of people! weee i've always wanted to try bowling but never have the chance to (: