25 October 2010

I Built A Homopolar Motor

Hello! Today I would like to show you what is the homopolar motor. It is very simple to make one.

First you need a neodymium magnet, a battery and any kind of copper wire. After that, you can take the battery stick with the magnet at the negative side of the battery. Then take the copper wire (preferably non-insulated) and make any kind of shape. Make sure you bend the wire with contact on the positive side of the battery and the magnet in order for the motor to spin. After you make the shape of the wire, simply place on the battery and voila! It spins!! I can make one but not as fast as shown in the video due to some reasons.

Check out my photo collections on homopolar motor here! :)

Interested? Then you should see this amazing video that is different from this design, but it is still the same homopolar motor. Enjoy!

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