26 October 2010

DTAC One Apps On Facebook

Nothing much update from me recently as I am quite busy doing some assignments and test in these weeks. So I hope you guys would stay with me with some short updates for everyone here to keep my blog active at times. Sorry sorry sorry!

There's an application from Facebook called DTAC One DIY, where you can customize your own character, or your friends if applicable, with many types of designs from head to toe. You can also choose whether to place background design. It's all up to you! It was pretty simple to make one. But why one? You can even make as many characters as you like, limitless!

Thanks to DTAC, one of the telecommunication giants from Thailand, I have made my own character design as well. Hehe!

That's cute for me and that's me by the way, holding an iPhone! Wheee~~~! :)

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