24 October 2010

Back To Savings!

I have started my savings on the road to gain one DSLR camera, which is the Canon 60D which costs around RM3300+. Ever since I have played my own role to save up some money for my future, I had once again successfully regained my way of savings again after years for spending. I should have continue save money rather than spending away all of them. Well, it does not matter to me now, and here I am starting it again! :)

Long queue at outside of the bank? Rarely seen this happen because the security guard is 'refilling' the money into ATM machines. So they let the people in one by one for safety reasons.

One thing that I want is to apply a debit card, just for savings purposes. If I were to apply credit card then, I might be overspending and seriously do not have income as a student. To play safe, debit card is a better choice for me. Hmm... the problem now is how to generate income for myself? Do I need a sponsor? Anyone interested? I wish I would not too concern about money and being addicted to it. Money for me is just a sub-important part in our life, and I believe money does not buy experiences, happiness and so on.

Thanks to my mum, she bought me this Spiderman 3 coin box. Now I can keep saving my pocket money again. This box has a nice design on it and I like it. Spiderman is my hero whenever I sees him, hence he uses his spiderweb to suck all my unused money into the box. Haha! Secure your money for your own good future. That's the truth, not just the fact!

It's time for me to hunt and track down the money. Wait for me, Canon 60D, here I come! :-)



  2. why Canon 60D? try Nikon D90.. you won't regret it trust me.

  3. @emily: YEAH! Thanks! Bless me luck! :)

    @mizi: 60D features better than D90... but I still duno which one to take... D90 now no more stock d... T_T

  4. Woah~!! have strong stamina!
    the camera really nice >.<
    but i don't have the stamina to save up rm3000 +!! o.o

  5. I thought you have 500d or something alrdy :P omg the price is like the starting price of 550d last time :O

  6. @feather fansey: just a small effort on saving up your own money! No big deal! :)

    @hilda: haha~~~ haven't yet... yea lor... 550D so damn expensive since it's released...

  7. hello bro...nanged this :D. hope you can visit my site...tnx

  8. im also hunt for one DSLR
    maybe next year....

  9. @philip: No problem...

    @HAZWAN17: I see... good luck to you! :)