29 October 2010

1 More Month To Holiday

I can't wait for this coming holiday as I have another one more month to go. But before I go for holiday, I have final exams waiting ahead of me. Lately I have been doing an update on my own blog every single day now, and because of that I have shown some laziness on revising my studies. Oh well! You can say I'm addicted to Internet. But not really stranded in front of my lappy for every minute I spent of course. I get distracted easily while studying beside my lappy. Too bad I have revealed my habit secrets here.

iPhone can cure my laziness, maybe?

Remember the Digi iPhone 4 contest? The results is out. But sadly I have tried my best on this contest. Anyway, congratulations to the winner! Next time ok? I will surely win one of those. Hehe!

By the way, I have reached my hometown this evening. I'm pretty tired after my bus ride from Penang for 3 hours. Why did it took so long? First, I hop on RapidPenang bus from Bukit Jambul, then reached jetty terminal at around 4pm. After waiting for 10 minutes for the ferry to arrive, then I have to sit another 15-20 minutes to reach Butterworth. Reaching Butterworth at 4.35pm, I still need to wait until 5pm for the bus to my hometown to depart from the Penang Central bus station.

For that, I have wasted 2 times more time than riding a car. I don't love buses, because you're too slow!!! Argh! But to own a car for me is not a good decision because of limited funds. Just be patience, and continue using public transportation, eventually me myself will get a private car soon. :)

That's all then. Have a great weekends ahead! Adios!


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