28 October 2010

Ketua Bahagian UMNO Titiwangsa Making Harsh Statement On Chinese and Indian

Check this out! Listen carefully for what is this person is about to say.

"We do not need votes from Chinese and Indians." says Datuk Johari Abdul Ghani. LOL! Another racist remarks. What happened to this generation of Malaysia? O_O

This morning I just read Malaysia Today website, and I saw a hot topic on UMNO website corrects the wrong Chinese version of Malayan history. When I read through the comments section, I found some of them are quite funny. The whole story begins when Parameswara... then so on... then so on... until he came to Melaka, and continues. Hey! What is our true Malaysian history by the way?

Just read though the articles and comments here:

That's all then. Please bring peace to this country and do not disturb while I am studying. TQ!

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