08 August 2010

New Semester Again!!

As always in my first week of the semester, I have no other choice other than keep spending money on buying stuffs for myself to survive while studying. I can no longer have the chance to save up some pennies for my wanted items anymore. How? No matter what, I will just keep finding some ways to get the chance to earn money while studying, just like Jho Low, who makes his first million while studying. Can I be like him one day? Who knows? *laughs*

Just within my first week, I have went for some football sessions with my friends at the field behind the college. If you asked me how I feel after playing football, I will say, "OH YEAH! It was fun!" Sometimes I get exhausted when I had to run around to get the ball and manipulate it to the back of the net. Little you didn't  know is that I had suffered pain on my left wrist while I was goalkeeping... DAMN! Luckily it didn't broke after the huge impact.

Picture taken from the field behind the college.

Now that my first week has just started, so I have to continue study and score no matter what happens. Please bless me good luck! And guess what, this month is the Merdeka month! Whee~~~!!! See what I found... 1Malaysia Lego Blocks captured in Bukit Jambul Complex using my brand new Nokia C6.

Have a nice day! Merdeka!!


  1. Dunno why, i got an eerie feeling when i saw the 2nd pic.