14 August 2010

An Outing With My Childhood Friends

Before I start this post, I would like to apologise as I was away for a while due to my participation in some activities. So whenever I came back, I was feeling tired and lazy to update a post. Too bad I couldn't find a free time to update, and now another weekends have came. Do not worry as my blogging passion haven't fade away that fast.

Last week, I have a really wonderful day together with my childhood friends. Yep! We are reunited again. I'm so glad that I will be hanging out together with them. We have never met each other since they have moved to KL together with family. They have already came to Penang and contacted me to go hang out with them. Sweet! ^_^

#1  Double Movie

We went for double movie for that particular day. The movies that we watched are The Last Airbender (3D) and Tekken. It's quite nice to watch, however for The Last Airbender, my cute Michelle blasted out her negative comments on the storyline, dialogue and so on. I guess I am totally not understand what is this movie is all about but I have watched some few episodes of cartoon version "Avatar". (not James Cameron's movie). Besides, the 3D effect doesn't impress me at all. Sad case bro! What about Tekken? I am quite a fan of Tekken because I had played the game before. The storyline was okay and there's lotsa fighting action going on. But I had a doubt that how come the tournament format could be changed? Hmm....

#2  Haagen-Dazs treat

OMG! I guess I was the luckiest one to have tasted the best ice-cream ever! I can't even resist on going back to have it again. *controlling myself* Thanks to their aunt for the treat on ice-cream dessert. There is no way that I could spend alone on just Haagen-Dazs ice-cream, because of the price that might freak you out, unless I am a millionaire. What's the dessert?

I really didn't notice the name from the menu, but it's certainly the ingredients shown above with hot molten chocolate placed on top. It's amazing to use mini ice-cream pop and dip it into the chocolate, left it for few minutes and voila! The molten chocolate turns solid within few seconds. I'm lovin it... Yeah! I appreciate the moment with my friends here and this dessert is specially dedicated to my bro who haven't tested this ice-cream yet. Wahahaha!! *He's jealous when he sees this!* xDD

Here's some photos taken

Me and Allan

Lovely Michelle

The siblings together with their aunt.

#3  Dinner 

This time I was invited by their aunt to her house for dinner. I really don't know how to repay back to their aunt, but thanks again! After the dinner, we all have some chat together at the living room. Just before I was being sent back to my hostel, we all took some photos of ourselves as this will be kept as memories. I really miss you guys so much! :D

With just a day outing with them, I am very happy to be with them again. And I had been already looking forward on meeting them again, and the place would be in KL since they studied there. Well, I have to keep going forward and start focusing on studies. Good luck and take care to my friends here. Friends forever dude!!!

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