05 July 2010

Ba-Bi-Q @ HOME!

First of all I would like to apologise for some late updates. And for my Malay friends, all my photos are "non-halal". As for this post, you may continue reading if you like. I wonder why some of my Malay friends asking me how is the taste of "babi"? Babi sedap ke? For myself lah... I can eat pork, but I am quite not interested plus I don't like pork skin cuz it is quite thick to chew.

I came home from Penang during the weekends, but not frequently be at hometown cuz the bus ticket is expensive. Coincidentally, my family hold a BBQ pork dinner outside my house without my knowledge. Yeah! FML! This time I should be able to have a nice feast of the chickens on hot griller.

Here is my photos of sizzling hot and mouthwatering Ba-Bi-Q. :P

Raw meat is being grilled

Looks yummy! Hehe!

I rarely seen huge flames all over the charcoal griller.

Grilled prawns

The taste is nice and of course I ate pork meat, not the chicken meat that I was expected. It's been a while since I last ate in Bangkok. Oh yeah! I have enjoyed this to the max! FYI, this was held on the day when a football match between Brazil and Portugal in which both teams drawn in Group Stage. :D

Final exam is coming soon. I am just hoping to score as high as possible and this blog will be kept sleeping until I am ready to blog again. Thanks for viewing and please do stay tuned for more updates! :-)


  1. wowo..bez 0o bbq..udang nmpk pling bez.

  2. Looks so tender and juicy, sure nice one YUM YUMS

  3. @doublezec: mmg lah... hehe! :D

    @Hilda: Yep it is! I'm lovin' it! :D

  4. Wow BBQ!!! The pork look damn nice... = p