04 July 2010


As I had mentioned on my Twitter, I have received a package. This package has made me look surprised as it was nicely wrapped like there is a C4 bomb inside. Just kidding!

Familiar is it? The package was sent by DiGi to me. I was happy to win the prize by "Weeave-Your-Web" online contest. How this contest goes? To win prizes, all you need to do is by just promoting the given link to anyone, just let them click on your link then you earn one point for each click. Not just that, the person who registers as a Weeave member under your link earns you 3 extra points. Sounds simple?

The first prize winner has won an Apple MacBook. Congratulations to the winners! Too bad I didn't win it, but I have won a consolation prize, which is the dongle by DiGi Internet. I don't know how much it costs but it is certainly worth to use for broadband internet usage. 

Sigh! At first I thought this USB modem comes with 5-days pre-loaded DiGi Internet Prepaid, but then when I check back my mailbox, the message said clearly I only get the dongle. No way man! Now you gave me the USB modem, what can I do with it?

I was clueless. Nowdays broadband price are quite expensive than I expected. I really wanna opt for more usage limit or preferably unlimited usage and faster speed at cheaper price. I'm quite a poor guy, and I wish I could have more money now. Momentarily for now, I have owned a Digi Internet Prepaid which comes with 384kbps speed, which I have bought it few days ago. Until my 5th day usage, I have already used 1GB of the limit! Although Im'ma quite a heavy internet user, but I didn't download that much.

Let's see how I used:

  • MapleStory - quite laggy for the moment, but it's still playable. Smooth when playing around midnight.
  • Facebook - just open lotsa pages plus the games apps and you have used up around MBs.
  • Astro B.player live streaming - I suggest you not to open live streaming, as you have to wait for buffering... each and every few minutes! Plus it will increase your usage for about 200-300MB per match.
  • Youtube - Not recommended! It depends on how long and the quality of the video.10 mins HD costs you about more than 50MB usage. 

Luckily, my hostel area has the 3G coverage and fortunately I was able to use it. Not bad huh! Compare to Maxis and Celcom, I think these 3 telco giants has the common, some say slow, some say fast. All I can say that they were the same type of broadband, as there is nothing much difference between them. What do you guys think about broadbands in Malaysia?

Keep up the competition ya! May the best telco wins! :D


  1. Sell it to me LOLS since I broke mine and it costs like almost rm200 to get that dongle ): so I'm currently using a celcom dongle w/ a dg sim card HAHAHA but it's faster than dg dongle lol