28 June 2010

24 Hours of MapleStory

Just a short update on my weekends life.I really have nothing to do but just only play MapleStory. Guess what, I have played MS for my longest ever play time "non-stop"! Seriously... 24 hours!

No... I don't dare to brag that I played non-stop. I can RIP if I played too long. Every human should get some rest, just like machines! Who says machine can lasts longer than human? Their power also might be drained out and the machines need to repair. Imagine ourselves as a car. What happened when you don't have enough petrol? You can't move at all. Just like humans when we need water to survive.

I just did not play MS alone, I also doing something useful other than that. I have modified my background pictures on my lappy and also my own blog. Now I still have a lot of work to do on modifying and optimizing my blog. Hope that my hard work will be paid! :D

Too exhausted until I fall asleep in class!!! Thanks to my friend who quietly snap a photo on me. Recently went to watch World Cup football match together with friends. Wanna bet with me? Sorry, just kidding! :P


  1. Watch World Cup la better

  2. sleep should do better than wasting time ruining your body like that... hahaha

  3. I once play Wow for 52 hours. Nearly die.

  4. The last pic is epic HAHA wanna bet izzit? JUM LAH hahaha btw, i didn't know ppl still play maple leh :p

  5. haha.. i used to be addicted to maple i think =P

  6. @victor tan: of course will be watching bro! :D

    @myfundarkside: fyi, i left it on9 then afk to sleep. :P

    @kelvin: oooh... amazing! I can imagine you felt extreme exhaustion after long hours of play.

    @hilda: Sorry, I'm broke at this point! Hehe! so long edi... but still got people play wor... long live MS! :D

    @kenwooi: What is your level for your main character? :P

  7. wahliow...u play game until so long...geng ler...me 12 hrs the max

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