03 June 2010

Gimme Food On Flights

Thinking about something? Are you feeling hungry when you're sitting on the flight for long hours? I hope you do, cuz' everyone is hungry for food while on the flight. It's impossible to fly without something to fill in our stomach.

But I have a problem...

Food price on flights are expensive! Imagine that one can of Coca-Cola worth RM5 on board... *Gulps!* and one plate of chicken rice for RM10!!! *Yikes!*

Instead, I have a proposal for flight operators... Why not you guys hire a chef to cook for us on board? This might be a good idea since the food brought into the flight are not warm enough. Some passengers might not like cold foods, but I still having it without much problem.

And here I would like to have this on board...


Well, this is my favourite food! I wish I could have it on board. But... please keep it warm when it is brought on the plane. Thanks! :D

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Episode 43-46

Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Never go hungry while flying with MAS!

*Credits: Google Image Search


  1. hey! whats that food called? it looks like char kuey teow?? :P

  2. Food price is seriously hiking...

  3. yeaps i love oriental food to be on the flight too!

  4. Oh , that would be really really awesome . Fried oyster ftw .

  5. @ilyani: Fried Oyster, baby!!! :D

    @Jaerragus: Yup... sad! :(

    @FiSh: Hungry d... dun talk about food anymore! :P

    @Alicia: lol! Fried oyster, my love! I would order a largest portion the hawker ever sell... :P

  6. i love fried oyster too! just had it last night :-P

  7. Haha, they won't do it wan...where to keep all the uncook food?