06 June 2010

Welcome To My New PhotoBlog


Home to my 2nd blog... 
It is all about PHOTOGRAPH-AYYY!
It could be the photo from the past, present and future...
Or it could be anything...
The photos that I shot were using just Nikon Coolpix S8 (7.1MP)
I was thinking about how am I gonna get my own DSLR. 
Hmmm... any ideas besides finding money?

Sad news is, I will be inactive on this blog for the moment
due to my busy-ness of short semester studies...

I can tell you that I am having a hard time dealing with my own blog and studies...
and I have a problem of an Internet connection at my hostel! FML!

By the way, since I have created my 2nd blog, why not you take your time to visit my photoblog as I'm trying my best to continue writing on my main blog. 
*Actually I have the main points but I just don't know how to start writing...*

Aww... please don't be sad! I will be here always... :P
Take care everyone... please do enjoy my 2nd blog ya!


  1. Org sudah maju sekarang, sbb ada dua blog. Sonnykazu boleh lol what the hell am I crapping :p

  2. it surely a difficult task to maintain 2 blog

  3. haha.. i use my tumblr to share silly stuffs instead.. all the best! =)

  4. I always wanted a dslr just like u too.I got it for my 21st bday from my dad...dun give up..there's a will,there's a way!