30 May 2010

Meeting With Kung Fu World Champion

As I mention on the title above, do you know who am I talking about?

His name is Tony Anthony.

Oh yeah! I like people showing off with their kung fu skills, and I gladly have a smile with him and out of a sudden he had punched me on the face. Ouch! Is he the another "Bruce Lee" kaki? *Just Kidding*

For those who had followed my Twitter, I recently went to Penang Christian Centre (PCC) to attend his talk "Tony Anthony: Taming The Tiger". A real life changing story about himself becoming the kung fu world champion and fallen into the dark by becoming an ex-convict. He has written his book and sold millions of copies worldwide. Sincerely I didn't know about him until I found out through the flyer which PCC gave me. In my mind I thought that he was featured in Discovery or National Geographic channel, which probably I had seen him on TV. Maybe not perhaps? *Sigh!* 

I really respect him a lot as he was the 3-time world kung fu champion. Tony was a half Chinese, half Italian, and he was born in England. When he was 4 years old, his parents couldn't look after him and Tony was sent to China with his grandparents. His grandfather is a grandmaster of kung fu and he trained Tony very well for 8 years with his goal:  To pass on the tradition of kung fu. FYI, he started learning kung fu at 4 while I started bowling at 8. Owh man! I should've started earlier than him. xD

He had went to kung fu competitions around the world and become the kung fu champion 3 years in a row in year 1987-1989. Tony then joining the course as a bodyguard. However, there are things that doesn't go well as a bodyguard and he landed himself in jail for murder, robbery and other charges.

Sorry I had to cut short my explanations, maybe this video can make you understand more better about him. Please note that the videos are not from PCC. What I heard is actually almost the same as the video.  He is really interesting to hear his story. Gosh! I had missed the chance to snap some photos with him while he was getting ready for the talk.

After his story, just before he ended his talk, he showed us a video that was really touching. One day the son asked his father "Dad, will you run a marathon with me?" Despite his age and his heart disease, his father said "Yes". Then they ran the marathon together. The son then asked his father " Dad will you run another marathon with me?" Again his father said, "Yes". Again, they did it together. One day the son asked, "Dad, will you do the Ironman with me?" His father said "Yes".

Ironman! FYI, it is the world's toughest Triathlon, a course of 4km swimming, 140km cycling and 42km of running. If I was a contestant of Ironman, I really need days to finish the course instead of half a day. *Note: Ironman is not a movie! And not Tony Stark himself as a contestant! :D* 

Please... take some of your time to view this short clip about the father and his son. I must say that the father has done a lot for him. How about your father? Remember June is coming soon. 

Have a blast everyone! God bless you! :D

*Credits: Youtube, http://andylai91.blogspot.com


  1. first time heard about him..shall look for more materials ...so now he is a motivation speaker?

  2. ask ip man to fight with him

  3. i thought u met the ip man's son, ip chun! hahas!

  4. Yeah, I heard his talk before, really inspirational.

  5. I heard about him. My friend dun like him though, say he is a fraud.

  6. I like Jacky Chan....hehehehe, following your blog too.

  7. @ohmywtf: Yes! He already went for talk around the world. :D

    @Azizan: Interesting yeh...? :D

    @Lukey: Good idea! Hehe! :D

    @FiSh: That's some sort of impossible thing to meet Ip Chun. Lol!

    @Vincent: yup!

    @Kelvin: He's good wey.

    @xukee: Jackie Chan not so good, but I like his style too. Thanks! :D