25 June 2010

Durian Season Is Here!!!

Wahai kawan-kawan! Mali-mali makan durian!!! Cepat potong, ambil satu, macam pulut sedap dimakan!
Dear friends, come let's eat durian!! Cut into half, pick one, taste good just like pulut when eaten!

Durian season is finally here!
Look at this! It's really amazing once you opened the shell. You will get to see first class durian fruit which gives maximum tasting feel. Owh man! Yummy! At first I do not wish to eat durian, but watching both Gabriel and Andy eating the durians make me feel wanna try it. Why not I should taste and see how it taste like. Umphhh.....! Taste very good indeed!

Do you guys know how we can crack open the durians? The answer is by using my own 'beaufitul' pliers which were used for electronic tools. We do not have any kinds of knives or any sharper objects, instead we used pliers! Fabulously done by Gabriel, he managed to crack open all the durians with style. Some might think, using pliers was a stupid idea ever made, but hey, the pliers are clean and we managed to not touch the flesh.

If you tend continue to think this way,

This one might be for you! The "special fruit" from the inside part of the durian. Shocking indeed! *Small worm: "Yipee! You have found me!"*

Come visiti Penang guys! You can find lotsa durians around with reasonable price available. Hurry! Don't miss this chance ya! :D


  1. You mean you only see the worm when you're almost finishing the whole durian? :O IT LOOKS BIG TO ME!

  2. @hilda: i dun dare to pick the fruit man... and I duno how it gets into the durian... lol!