24 June 2010

Mazda Roadshow @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

I am just feeling bored and I would like to make a quick update on my blog, so that my blog remain active . I am just disappointed that I have to study for my test and also final exam. 

Me and my Mazda 2 Sedan

I went to Queensbay Mall, Penang right before Semester 4 is started. I didn't know there will be a Mazda Roadshow until I reached there to meet up with Andy, Gabriel and Navin. I have heard that the new Mazda 2 will be shown to public. Gosh! I would like to drive it home immediately if I have the cold hard cash.

FYI, the Mazda Roadshow event is from May 14-16, which is on the weekends. All the Mazda cars are fully imported from Japan, and the price is quite reasonable for the buyers who wish to own one. I was happy to get the chance to "meet" the nice cars there, and earn some "autographs" from them too. Not to mention, the hot girls! Whoops! I didn't get the chance to snap some photos with them. But never mind!

Actually, I have seen Mazda 2 most of the time when I was in Bangkok for a trip. I like the hatchback version more than sedan type as it looks sporty to me. However, the car was quite small compared to other cars, but the car has engine capacity of 1.5L. Quite powerful ehh...?

Just forget about Mazda 2 because I quite don't like it. I more prefer Audi R8 or Lambo as they are more powerful. Not just powerful, they also cost a lot by just paying "TAXes"! Yeah!

Here's my other photos using Gabby's N86!! :D

Mazda 3 Sport Hatchback

The "mini" version of MX5

Mazda CX7

Mazda 2 Sedan

Mazda 3 Sport Sedan

Mazda 6 2.0L

Anyway, I will be at my hometown for the last time for this semester, then I probably will stay over hostel to study for the finals. I just bought my bus ticket (last week's ticket*) direct from Penang Island to my hometown.

I just can't wait to get a gift from DiGi. You will know what I mean when my next post is up! :D


  1. Not really a fan of cars but they sure are pretty :D