09 May 2010

Visiting Tesco

Once upon a time...  *cut that story!*  First of all,

to all mothers especially married mothers, single mothers and girl friends in the world...! <3

and to my dearest mom. :D


FYI, this is just a short post. I was lazy to think about writing very very looooooooo....ooong post!

As you all know, Tesco hypermarket is the one that gives the best low prices everyday, compared to the other hypermarkets in Malaysia. The battle of low price between hypermarkets are still heating up as more and more consumers are budget concerning rather than simply spending. I don't know! I just bought with all the money I got. Haha! We may not know who is the real low price leader here, but I have to say that the mini market nearby my house is the best! xD

First, me and my family visit the Tesco Mergong's very own Food Court. There are many kinds of stalls selling variety foods ranging from western to Thai food, and sizzling to claypot. All the food stalls are operated by the Malays. We were hungry by the time we reached there, so we started ordering some food to eat. :D

My mum ordered her Sizzling Mee with egg. This hot plate is quite nice to eat and tasty. Mmmm... :D

My bro ordered his Chicken Chop. Well, his plate is way out of standard, because the chicken meat is almost tasteless.

Well, at least we're just sitting outside Pizza Hut. The pizza scent keeps attracting me to walk in the shop, but I manage to hold my smell as I don't have money to enjoy pizzas there. However, I gonna get the new pizza as soon as possible to win RM2000 by blogging! :D Just go to Nuffnang website in case you guys didn't know what am I talking about.

I can't resist... on this ice-cream! Man, how could I fork out RM37 just for a box of Häagen-Dazs?
FML! Actually I was saving my money for a new handphone. >.<

But I can only bought this super huge muffin for RM3. It's far more better than buying an ice-cream that is 12x the price of my muffin. Well, I'm gonna enjoy it until the max.

Whatcoo lookin' at?

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Have a great Mother's Day celebration this year! :D

p/s: I forget... something...

My mom posing as "Missus Ip Man"! :D


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  1. LOL.. Tht is one large size muffin!
    P/s: I don't like pizza hut. Prefer dominos huhu
    Hapy mothers day!