07 May 2010

Amazing Waja Modifications

Hey folks, I'm just about to blow up my mind on how should I write for my next post.

Gimme a break! I'm now having a Kit Kat dude...!

Here are my picks on our international local auto modifications. Jeng Jeng! :D *Actually I don't like Waja very much!*

Mercedes Benz C220 V6 Kompressor

BMW M3 or 525??

Not my edit... Yes it's true btw! Why modify to evo but number plate is WAJA?

RAWR! I really don't like very much! So as Wira Evo too... because I always fooled by these kind of "cheap" cars. I can never get to watch the real Evolution. *sob sob*

*Photo Credits to their respective owners.


  1. i dun like waja..
    heard it is a problematic car..
    plus the signal and the wind screen wiper all terbalik with usual direction ..
    heard dat servicing the car is a msut to send back to the factory instead of mechanics

  2. LoL, I just think they are lamers.

  3. wah.. modify until so geng.. lols =P

  4. @kwong fei: Yes! Agree! 100%!

    @Caffery: Agree!

    @kenwooi: Ya loh...! Unbelieveable isit? Haha! :D

  5. Damn tak malu one..lol

  6. @xiaopei: they should go buy their dream car instead of modifying it to become look-a-like. :-X

  7. lol...die die wanna ride expensve brand :-P

  8. lol malaysia u can see a lot this car on the road!

  9. So cars are mode so low that they can't even cross a hump lol

  10. @ohmywtf: Go get it bro! :D

    @Baboon Tan: yep... and I dun like it...

    @kelvin: haha... I will laugh at them when their bumper falls! xD