01 May 2010

SonnyKazu's VLOG #1

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is the moment where you guys have been waiting for!

I have created this VLOG (or Video Blog) just for fun, but I have taken this to the next level for my blog.

At first, I was pretty scared and I always keep thinking whether I should do it or not. In the end... Oh Yeah! I'm just feeling happy that I have made it.

But the problem is that I spoke very soft late at night while making this video blog cuz everyone is sleeping. So I don't wish to talk loudly as they might thought that they have heard a "ghost" speaking outside the room.

So I would personally suggest you to turn on the volume much higher than normal. This is because when my speaker is set at full blast, I can only listen my voice speaking very softly. A nice and quiet place would be better to listen. :D

*Please do not laugh at me when you watch it until the end cuz I'm just trying out for fun! And... I'm quite nervous when I was making this video.*

Here it is...! My Introduction:

I hope you enjoy my video. Please take some time to comment about my video. Thanks! :-)

*p/s: Sorry for inconvenience caused.*


  1. wow...a good try...but too soft la...especially your voice...i need to wear headset to hear it...

  2. Can't hear clearly, but nice attempt :)

  3. a nice video there (; the voice is alright for me when im listening it in my silent room

  4. @Kelvin, Fish: Thanks... watch out for my next VLOG video in the future. Sorry 4 inconvenience caused as I can't make my mic any louder. :D

  5. 寫文章需要心情~~期待你再一次的好文章..............................

  6. I can't hear what are you talking la. LOL..