02 May 2010

AutoCAD 3D Modelling Project Showcase

Woo...! Finally... after my intense exam week, here comes my semester break! I can sense "relaxation" easily right after I took my last paper from the exam.

I'm happy to show you that I have made myself a 3D model drawing using AutoCAD Version 2009.

FYI, I have drawn myself a full size bowling alley with bowling ball and pins. These drawings took me days to draw, just by sitting in front of my lappy for long hours. By the way, here are the steps for what I have done:

Step 1
First, I created a sphere which resembles an object of a bowling ball. Then I took myself some time to think and create a core shape (which is yellow in colour), because it was quite hard to design and shape them together. My creativeness have already gone wilder than ever before as this almost took me to think forever until my brain extracted some ideas out. After some time, voila!!! The core shape has been created. Woots~~~!

Ball shape with core part in the middle

Step 2
After that, I created the pins as an object using loft. I then followed the actual diameter size of the pins which I refer from the internet. Creating lines here and there for quite some time, and I have managed to create a life-size bottle with a small sphere on top. The actual size of the pin is 15 inches (38.1cm). After creating a pin, I then copied into 10 similar pins which makes the virtual life size bowling balls and pins. *Tadaa!*

Front view

Top view of the pins

Step 3
I thought that I had finalised my project just by creating bowling balls and pins. But, they are just look too simple for me to score higher marks for the project. So I decided to make the modelling more attractive by creating an actual size bowling lane. First, I gather some information about the dimensions of the bowling alley. Then, I created a long box as a lane platform. A normal size lane is around 80 feet. The distance between the approach and the foul line is around 15 feet. While the distance between the foul line to the pin deck (pin 1) is 60 feet. The size of pin deck itself is about 2-3 feet. I have also created the gutters from the foul line to the end of the lane for both sides of the lane. Most of the Malay bowlers call them "longkang".

The view of the pin deck with the gutter at the both sides.

Step 4
I was tired and lazy by that time I have finished the whole model. But I still left out some details on my model. The model will not be nice looking without some fine details or decoration. Here I used a thick black line and using dots and arrows to resemble the actual life size bowling lane.

The view of the approach.

Arrows placed on the bowling lane.

Step 5
Phew! I finally done my project. But before I finalise my project that to be submitted, I double check the model to make sure that there is no error or misplacement of the objects. And here it is~~~!

A simple bowling lane but the objects are harder to draw.

I am satisfied that I get 8.2 out of 10 marks. But I have a sense of jealousy that my friend got 9 out of 10 for his project. OMG! He asked me for help on drawing combat ship, so I helped him with just for certain part only. His details are quite unique and I like his own-made rocket. Anyway, congratz to you bro!

That's all for the showcase. Love AutoCAD!

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