30 April 2010

8 Possible Consequences for Driving Without Insurance

Driving your car without auto insurance usually results to issuance of traffic tickets, gets you penalized for your violation, brings you to jail, results to driving ban, leads you to pay for damages from your own pocket, results to higher premiums for future insurance policies or even refusal, causes the court to impose penalty points on your driver's license, and leads to repossession of loaned or financed vehicles.

Heavy consequences await you if you fail to insure your vehicle and drive it around town.  It is a very serious offense and could get really worse if you meet an accident on the street.  Here are the possible consequences you will face if you drive your vehicle without any auto insurance:

Results to issuance of traffic tickets

If you get caught for driving an uninsured vehicle, the traffic police will give you a violation ticket.  You could further get a summon or appearance notice if you have other past violations and you have bad driving record.  The traffic violation ticket declares what offense you are charged with as well as the penalties that go with it.  It will also include the summon or appearance notice if applicable.

Gets you penalized for your violation

There are no warnings for driving without insurance and you really to pay for your negligence.  Even if your insurance provider failed to notify you of your near insurance expiration, it is still your responsibility as a driver to see to it that your vehicle is insured.  You have to pay the penalty indicated in your violation ticket, which is usually around $500.  If you refuse to pay the penalty and fight for your reasons, you just need to file for a Notice of Dispute to the court within thirty days and a hearing will be set for you.  Whatever the result will be for the court hearing, the penalty is said to range between $300-$2,000, instead of the stipulated penalty in the traffic violation ticket.  This amount could even be higher if you compare auto insurance quotes from different companies against the penalty you might incur.  If you get a further summon or notice of appearance in the court, you need to go to the court on the date specified.  A hearing will conducted and will get you penalized around $300-$2,000

Brings you to jail

It does sound scary to go to jail because you went around driving your car that is uninsured.  Well, you should be scared.  If have received a further summon with your violation ticket and you fail to go on the date scheduled, a warrant of arrest can be issued for you.  If the hearing has been conducted and you are found guilty as charges, you could pay the penalty and even possibly go to jail, especially if you have a bad record of driving.  It is really very important to stay a good and responsible driver to avoid getting into this kind of trouble.

Results to driving ban

Aside from the penalty and the possibility of going to jail, using an uninsured vehicle can also lead to driving ban.  The court may further disallow you to drive around for a certain period of time.  The number of days depend on the validity of your reason for driving without insurance.  In UK, the driving ban usually lasts up to twenty eight days, but could be longer for repeated offenses.

Leads you to pay for damages from your own pocket

The worst thing that could happen to you if you drive a vehicle without insurance is that you might meet an accident, causing damages and injuries.  Aside from the violation, the penalty, the possibility of a driving ban, or even the risk of going to jail, you will end up paying for the damages and injuries from your own pocket.  Even if you are a very careful driver, we can never stop accidents from happening.  That's why it is important to make sure your vehicle is insured to avoid spending this much.

Results to higher premium for future insurance policies or even refusal

Driving uninsured vehicle can result to increased premiums on future auto insurance applications.  Some insurance companies think you have not proven yourself to be a responsible owner and driver and so an increased risk is being associated with you.  There are even some insurers who would refuse to provide you an auto insurance policy.

Causes the court to impose penalty points on your driver's license

In UK, driving a vehicle that is uninsured is a serious offense.  It falls under Offense code IN10, with six to eight penalty points that will remain shown on your driver's license for four years starting from the date of offense.

Leads to repossession of loaned or financed vehicles.

If you drive your financed car uninsured, your car may be repossessed.  There are other financiers, however, who do not repossess your vehicle, but will obtain the insurance coverage for you.  They just add up these charges to your installment payments.  Their course of action will depend on the terms and conditions that govern your loan.

It is always wise to insure you vehicle all the time.  You would not have to worry every time you go out driving for fear that you might get caught.  You would not also have to worry about the penalties you may incur and face all the consequences of going to jail, being banned from driving, and paying for accidents in effect.  Always take note of your insurance policy, especially the effectivity date of your contract so you will know when it expires.  This will give you ample time to prepare for renewing your contract despite your busy schedule.  Just be a responsible owner and driver and you will keep yourself away from trouble.

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