03 May 2010

Semester Break The 3rd

Here comes my 3rd semester break! Weee~~~! I already have enough of my bloody exam hell... and now I can focus on relaxing myself and having fun back at my hometown.

Once I reached Alor Setar, I am glad to be home again since I was away from home for months. Now I can meet my mum, dad and also my bro. Recently, my bro just went for MSSM bowling competition, and he brought home 2 bronzes for doubles and team event. Congratulations on your effort!

When I used my dad's car and drove around town area, I saw a lot of yellow flowers falling rain from trees. As you can see, the pedestrian area is covered in yellow. Anywhere I go, the roadside will always have the same kind of those. What if I can change them to pink colour, just like Japanese sakura (cherry blossoms)?

I guess I'll enjoy myself while I'm in hometown. Hope that my results will come out good! God Bless ME! :D