04 May 2010

SonnyKazu's May Hi-Lite

Youth'10 - Malaysia's Largest Youth Festival

Date: 28-30 May 2010
Venue: Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

About YOUTH '10

YOUTH '10: Malaysia's Largest Youth Lifestyle Festival is a for-youth-by-youth massive program which connects the most influential youths with businesses, brands, government agencies and liefstyle activities. In 2008, the Festival's first inception drew over 21,000 youths, where in 2009, 36,720 youths gathered for YOUTH '09.

This year, with more than 100 events during 3 days, YOUTH '10 expects to see 70,000 youths coming from all over Malaysia.

YOUTH '10 is organized by Youth Asia, a group of youth related companies realizing business aspirations & ideas related to the 1.4 billions youths in Asia.

There are 6 festivals for Youth'10 3-day event:
  • Music Festival
  • Sports Festival
  • Dance Festival
  • Discovery Festival
  • Shopping Festival
  • Youth Brand Festival

Youth'10 Conferences

I purposely asked Niki Cheong on Twitter: :D

And uhh... you will need tickets to enter the Youth'10 festival arena. The entrance is not free though. I'm surely know that this event is going to be fun and exciting. Here's how you can get the tickets:

RM 5 - 3 Days festival passes. Access to more than 100 events across 6 festivals in YOUTH'10 (not including conferences). Tickets can be purchased at Youth'10.


RM 20 - 3 Days festival passes. Access to more than 100 events across 6 festivals in YOUTH'10 including access to 20 Conference sessions. Tickets can be purchased at Youth'10.

What if you don't wanna fork out some money to buy tickets? Fret not!

You can also check it out the details about Youth'10 Event on Facebook or Youth'10 Festival homepage.

So, I hope you guys have fun and enjoy at the Youth'10 festival. Have a happy May May! :D

*p/s: I probably won't be going there... unless my parents give me "green light" to attend the event. :-(

Credits: Youth'10 Festival - http://theyouthfestival.com/


  1. hmm..any age limit ar? i way out of that youth league..LOL

  2. @ohmywtf: erm... I'm not sure... I guess anyone can enter! :D

  3. Omg! Just the type of cheap event that's large scale enough to let me do my report on!! Too bad its in M'sia. Gosh I'd love to attend.

  4. Thanks. I'm also a member of youthsay. Looking forward to go there!

  5. Hi! tq vsting my blog. still nt sure bout gtting to d festival. got final exm lo...huhu