29 May 2010

Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut

Do you remember that I was mentioning about Pizza Hut on my previous post "Visiting Tesco"? TeeHee~~! Although I can smell pizza from outside the outlet, my mind giving me a sign of "No Money" which disappointed me. I have been thinking about Fish King Pizza the moment when I saw any Pizza Hut outlet. Hey! Cut it off... let's start our true fish hunting! :D
*I must admit that my Photoshop creation is really "cute" as I have used the software for the first time.*

On the last Sunday the May 16th, I was on my way back to Penang as my semester continues. Once I reached Weld Quay, I went straight to Queensbay Mall by RapidPenang bus to meet up with Andy, Gabriel and Navin. By that time I had reached there about 6pm.

*Wee~~~! Welcome to Pizza Hut! For English, please continue reading.*

We walked around the mall until we were felt hungry. Suddenly, I felt threatened when they asked me to "belanja" them for dinner. Why? The reason they asked me is that I had passed the exam while they are not. Oh my! I just stepped onto the island with some cash for myself which is enough for me to survive man. "Where is the best place for dinner?" I thought. In the end, we went into Pizza Hut which was actually proposed by me. Haha! The moment I called out 'pizza', they become happy already but actually I still do not wish to pay for our pizza meal.

*Blek~~~! I am now at Pizza Hut!*

My first recommendation to them is to try out the new Fish King Pizza. I can't even wait to try out the pizza since they have shown on advertisement a lot. The real pizza here is totally different from the illustration shown on the Internet. They really made my mouth waters. There are some moments that I have remembered when trying out the Fish King Pizza.

*Me and Navin*

First up, we ordered Mushroom Soup for four. I haven't taste the soup for long time. Tastes good too!

Next, a jug of Mirinda Orange, the thirst-quencher! I'm quite thirsty when they arrived at our table.

Ding ding! Here comes a bread stix! I love to eat them when dipping together with Mushroom Soup.

Err... one plate is not enough, so we have ordered 3. But we were surprised that they gave 2 plates instead of 3. Actually, FYI, one plate of bread stix consists of 4 pieces, but they comes with 6 pieces per plate. Man! My maths calculation is really worse awesome. That means all together contains 12 pieces of bread stix. (12 / 4 = 3 plates) LOL!

We sat down and wait for the pizza to be arrived at our table. 10 minutes later... Jeng Jeng!

Personal Size Hawaiian Tuna

The moment when the pizza arrived, we immediately snap photos on our pizza. But seriously, how come a personal pizza can be shared among us? That's way too small for 4 people. LOL! By the way... right after the "tiny" pizza arrived, *The moment you've been waiting for!* the Fish King Pizza has arrived...! Muahaha!

The one and only FISH KING PIZZA!

Immediately, we snap a lot of photos on the pizza. Look closer! We have ordered a huge pan. Syok-ness dude!!!

The fish stick is really nice. I really can't stop eating the pizza as they are delicious and I was craving for more of them. I wish I could ordered more of them but my mind was thinking about money that has prevented me from doing so. Fabulous Moment Lived bro!

Showing off my new pizza.

Here is my moment, when I was eating the fish stick,

The fish stick is being "terminated" by biting into bits.

I can't really pay all with my money for this meal. So Navin used his Maybankard for a discount of 30% for selected ala carte pizza only, including our Fish King Pizza. At least we can pay equally for the bills with some savings on our pocket money.

Wbat are you waiting for, the moment has come! Go to any Pizza Hut outlet now and grab your Fish King Pizza together with your friends and family! Have a blast ya!

Saye ni nak kena jackpot umpan RM2k. Boleh tak? :P


  1. dude did u bite off a small part of the bill? hahaha

  2. LOL...i was wondering the samething too! :-P

  3. i guess your too hungry :D