06 May 2010

Chillin' Out With Friends FML!

Now I'm at my hometown, doing pretty much nothing at home but just surfing internet and check out your blog posts. Most of the time I spent is on blogwalking, updating and fine tuning my own blog and... And now what? OMG! I didn't noticed myself that I've already sitting in front of my lappy all the time. I feel like wanna go out for some photoshooting or hanging out with my ex-classmates, but the problem is I don't have a transport. *Tsk tsk~~*

*Pssst~~ What you see here is that they are not your ordinary bowling ball.*

Recently, I went bowling together with Kai En and my bro. Wee~~~! I get to play bowling again after I had stopped playing it thousand over months ago. *Just kidding!* But then my bro could not join us as his thumb was injured during his competition in Melaka.

The "professional" pose.

The bowling centre had upgraded their scoreboard monitor to the LCD TV display, which is quite a trend in every bowling centres in Malaysia. But Sunway Pyramid bowling center is still using the old ones. *sigh*

I played for 4 games on Labour day, which the rates are quite expensive than normal rates. I almost ran out of money after playing bowling dude! ALMOST~~~ Thank god that I still have my bro who was willing to pay some for me. Luckily I still own some of the basics of bowling but my techniques are way too worse than last time since I was young. OMG! And my scoring is also not so high compared to my bro. Geez! I can never lose to my bro! So embarrassing! He has improved a lot after my absence from bowling. T_T

The videos? Nah, don't worry as they are still in editing mode, and I promise will post my second VLOG together with my bowling videos as soon as possible. Do check out for my updates ya! :D

After our bowling session, we all went to Tai Kuan Laksa place, which is located in Simpang Kuala. By that time we reached there about 4pm, the place is almost crowded. Check out this Thai style "Lor Bak" and also prawn fritter shown above. That's my pick! The "Lor Bak" consists of fish balls, meat balls, and pandan stick is really nice and so as the prawn fritter too.

You shouldn't eat "Lor Bak" without a nice home made Thai chilli sauce shown above. You will get to taste the combination of sweetness and hotness of the sauce when dipping together with prawn fritter. Mmm... it's really nice! No doubt about that!

And lastly, the almighty ABC. Uhm.. ABC? That's Ais Buah Campur (ice mixed fruit or in Mandrin "za guo ping 杂果冰"). The bowl contains slices of watermelon and jellies layered on top of the ice. For RM2 only, I can finish the whole plate in just few minutes. It's really good! It's really even more good when we are feeling hot, so I could order 2 bowls at the same time. Hehe~~!

Okay! BTW, this is just one part of my FML! (Fabulous Moment Lived - by Kenwooi) :D


  1. wow..i need a mixed fruits ice now!! hehe

  2. @glo-w: Come visit Alor Setar! :D

    @Irene: Come and get it here... :D

  3. "....just surfing internet and check out your blog posts."..my blog post?..oh THANKS!..hahaha

    Ais Buah Campur?..seems so delicious!..air batu campur i know but ais buah campur?..where's ur hometown?..i wanna go there and buy one! haha

  4. I can't bowl.. so sad :'(
    The food is looking great though!
    I'm drooling over the 'Lor Bak'.. ^^

  5. Didn't know there's INTI in Alor Star. Or is it in Penang? Bowling is fun! Take a break to bowl is a good choice and of course ice kacang dessert is the best. Enjoy life while young. Way to go!