24 March 2010

9 Ways to Design a Screened Porch

You can have a very nice design of a screened porch by keeping to heart the following ways: consider the size and shape of the porch; consider  the outer side design of the porch; consider the inner hallways and pathways inside the floor plan; consider having a built-in ceiling; consider the lighting; consider the adequacy of electric outlets; consider the wall height; consider the flooring; and, consider the availability of a ceiling fan.

A screened porch is a good addition to your house. It can add beauty to your home provided that is a well planned design. It is important to identify the things you need to give special attention and utmost consideration when building and designing a screened porch. Here are a number of ways of doing it:

Consider the size and shape of the porch

First and foremost, it is necessary to consider the size of your desired screened porch.  To effectively create a floor plan, it is helpful to buy the pieces of furniture with which you would like to use inside your porch. This should be done before you make the essential building of the structure.  To be able to identify the right shape of your porch, you need to use a string to create an outline. This will also allow you to have a more precise measurement of your porch.

Consider  the outer side design of the porch

The outer design of the porch should possess a resemblance in the characteristic of the home. The exterior details of the roof, the overhang and the roof pitch should fit your existing home design.

Consider the inner hallways and pathways inside the floor plan

Should you want to have a door directing from the porch to your yard, make sure you consider the interior hallway or the pathway. Normally, a door would occupy about 15 square feet of space in your porch.

Consider having a built-in ceiling

It is a must to use a ceiling that is vaulted type inside your screened porch. It gives a spacious effect on the room. A built-in ceiling basically brings about a cooler atmosphere because of the proper ventilation it provides.

Consider the lighting

The room should have soft and indirect lights. Ample source of illumination is necessary when doing any type of activity inside the porch. Artificial lighting is needed when natural light is almost close to impossible to provide especially during night time. To save on electricity costs, it is good to install skylights to allow natural light to come in during the day.

Consider the adequacy of electric outlets

There should be enough electrical outlets in the different areas of the porch. This is useful for your ceiling fan, television, and other appliances needed. It is advisable to refrain from using extension cords as this imposes high risk of danger to everyone.

Consider the wall height

You should bear in mind that the height of your walls should be tall enough to provide you with a sufficient view of the outdoors. The height of your wall should be about 9 feet.

Consider the flooring

Your flooring should be excellent in function and in style. It is also very important that it is protected from any damage due to weather conditions.

Consider the availability of a ceiling fan

A ceiling fan should be available inside your screened porch.  It is something that you shouldn't forget to install. This is very useful during hot summer days.

Your screen porch should be fully equipped with all the essential things to make it a comfortable and practical room addition.

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