26 February 2010

Left 2 Dead: TARC Hostel Escape

Credits goes to the actors of the two survivors, Nicholas and ZiZi, and also to the cameraman too. Great video you guys have there. And not to forget about the zombie guy too.

In this video, you will see many "Jolly Shandy" cans. I guess they are want to promote for "Jolly Shandy" brand. You will get to see the real-life L4D action like never seen before, and the weapons are kinda "special" that can make the "Tanker" falls. LMAO!

No wonder the TARC students are much more creative in editing video that can make it funny and interesting. And I suggest that this video could be better if they can make more comedy actions in the scene.

Rating: 4 out of 5!
Pros: Interesting comedy actions.
Cons: Just improve the funny scene to make the video even more better!

Enjoy! xD