13 February 2010

Never Trust Google Adsense

Why should you trust Google Adsense for your extra income?

I don't believe that Google will make you earn extra cash. What I only believe is that there are too many people who are exchanging their clicks, or else repeated clicks, or encouraging friends to click ads, that turn the world upside down. Signing up for this program is easy, but when your balance reached $100, you won't get the cash either. I don't know why, just ask Google! "Hey Google, why is that happening to me?!"

At first, I applied for this program. Since I had approved by them, I started placing ads on my blog. Good! At first, exchanging clicks and encouraging friends to click is fun. It turned out that my balance rises up very fast. Sometimes I can earn $10 a day by just a few clicks. "Wow! That's amazing!" I tell you, nothing is amazing because Google might probably credit your balance on purpose. They simply make you more "happy" and wait for the time for your account to be banned. What a sh**!

First account: I earned $65+, then banned for the same reason as you guys.
Second account: Slowly earned a bit, without cheating, but the result is same as first one.
Third account: LOL! My balance got no money also kena banned. WTF!

Up to now, my account has been banned 3 times. Sad lah! Where I can find the money instead of earning cash for free online? Part time job maybe?

So what is the conclusion?
Never Trust Google Adsense! ("Sucks!")

That's it... Goodbye Adsucks and I will love Nuffnang more! :-P


  1. wow.. you use new accounts for the same blog izzit? i think they ban the site too when they ban for the first time..

    well, it happened to me too.. gave up hope edy.. =P


  2. haha.i join it like 2 years.no income.nothing.lame!

  3. don't ask ur friend to click ma.. same IP clicked > ban !

  4. wow u make 3 diff acc..
    i was being banned also
    nuffnang still d best although earning is slow..
    smile xpac~

  5. I have received several payment from google already.

    Hmm...perhaps you should change your personal details and blog url?

    or you can appeal from them?

  6. my ac was not approve twice for the same
    reason,'Unacceptable site content'
    Hah!hah! Maybe i am running a XXX site!

  7. Yup. Better stay true to Nuffnang I guess.

    Dont give up hope, man.


  8. I also been banned by Google long time ago. And now i'm opening a new acc with new email and diff URL. until now, no earning.. huhu