10 February 2010

So You Think You Can Celebrate?

Sweat! I just finished 2 out of 4 tests until today. I still left another 2 subjects then I can go and celebrate CNY. *Yipee!!* But when someone asks me how is my test, I just replied, "OK lah! The question is quite hard... hopefully can pass." Curse you paper test! You have made my life more miserable. *Grrr!*

Those tests are important to me since the test marks are counted together with the assignments and final exam marks. I can't never stay up longer to study since I'm tired from returning from class. I always feel that I had wanted to sleep but I must finish up my studies first. By that time my eyes are heavy and I don't have energy left. In the end, I just stop my studies and walk into the room and sleep. I'm lazy isn't it? "Think again!" *inspired by National Geographic*

Come on lah, why are you scared of tests? It was just a question paper that makes you answer all of them. No big deal right? Then how come I can't answer all the question?

A young boy can solve all the maths question as easy as 123.
Questions from A to Z he also can answer, but why I can't?
1 + 1 = ? *"Huh?!" How am I gonna answer this question*

That's how you can be embarrassed by a young boy. You should not compare yourself with others. The only enemy you have to challenge is your own self. Showing off to others does not do any good. *Recall: I don't know why I am so "proud" of myself since I was a young boy. My friends keep saying me "very proud" in Mandrin. Then I felt like a stupid boy because I don't understand what my friends is trying to say. (I'm weak in Mandrin, ok?)* I miss my younger days man! *Long story lah! Slowly tell part by part...*

So You Think You Can Celebrate? *I don't think so. I'm still have a long journey to finish my studies.*

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