14 February 2010

3 Types of Milling Machines

The types of milling machines are the knee-type milling machine, universal horizontal milling machine, and the ram-type milling machine.

A milling machine is a hardcore machine tool used on solid materials. A few the things a milling machine can do are slot cutting, drilling, planning, routing, rebating, keyway cutting, and diesinking. Its common structure is a stationary machine with just the endmill, or rotating cutter, spinning about the spindle axis, which is quite similar to a drill. Since the rotating cutter, or endmill, is massive in weight, spindle repair should be anticipated. The two main types of milling machines are the horizontal and vertical forms. The vertical mill is characterized by the spindle holding the milling cutter while it rotates on its axis vertically. It has two subcategories under its name which are the bedmill and the turret mill. On the other hand, a horizontal mill can be pictured out as an x-y table, with the milling cutter mounted on a horizontal arbor. The following types are elaborate forms of milling machines.

Knee-type milling machine

The knee-type milling machine is a vertically oriented machine with an adjustable worktable mounted on a saddle with a knee as a support. The knee is described as a huge casting positioned in a vertical manner on the milling machine. To properly adjust the milling head and the machine spindle, you have to clamp this knee in the column for operation. Knee-type milling machines can either be vertical or horizontal. For the vertical orientation, the spindle and the column face are parallel and supported on a sliding head that can be maneuvered by hand or by power. For the horizontal set-up, the column holds the drive motor, gearing, and the horizontal machine spindle. The knee of the milling machine moves up and down traveling the column following a rigid track. The knee is utilized to raise and lower the material. The worktable can either be manually-operated or fed by power.

Universal horizontal milling machine

The universal horizontal milling machine can be distinguished from the plain horizontal milling machine is the table swivel housing located at the center of the table and the saddle, which is not present in the plain machine. With this add-on, the table’s swing can reach 45 degrees in both directions and permits angular and helical operations. Universal milling machines have more flexibility compared to plain ones.

Ram-type milling machine

The ram-type can be pictured out as a column holding the spindle on a movable housing. This llows the movement of the milling cutter both forward and rearward in a horizontal plane. The two most favored ram-type milling machines are the universal ram-type milling machine and the swivel cutter head ram-type milling machine.

Always observe safety while at work. The operator must know the ins and outs of the machine so he can do his job well and without a scratch.

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