27 February 2010

4 Beneficial Feng Shui Tips for Home Remodeling and Renovation

When doing some home renovation and remodeling, following some Feng Shui tips will really turn out to be quite practical. Feng shui tips are as follows: balanced space for each family member, location of the kitchen, figure out the lighting, and know the basics of Feng Shui.

Feng shui is followed by believers to attain a positive principle in life and in their homes. The focal purpose of this Chinese way is the flow of energy. Some home remodeling contractors are believers of this practice and they can help you arrange your rooms and furniture the right way, thus you will be attaining good energies in your home. What follows are important considerations that you should establish in following feng shui during home remodeling and renovations.

Balanced space for each family member

Establish balance in space such as in the case of children’s bedrooms. It is a good and easy decision in making two bedrooms that are of the same size. This is for purposes such as avoiding fights over who takes the bigger room and also, establishing equal love among the children and the rest of the family. This is also applicable to growing families wherein you have to make room for a bedroom or two.

Location of the kitchen

As we all know, the kitchen is the heart of the house and is always associated with abundance. The location of the kitchen is a vital part of feng shui so as to establish a positive qi. Changing the flow of energy through seeing the kitchen right after you enter the front door is a big no-no. It must also not be seen from your bedroom since this is bad Feng Shui.

Figure out the lighting

Lighting is also an essential area in feng shui. You also have to consider the lighting and not just the location of rooms and arrangement of furniture in feng shui. Focus on areas inside the house that is not endowed with natural light. Talk to your architect or contractor about this matter to make sure that your preferences are covered and followed correctly.

Know the basics of feng shui

Familiarize and be acquainted with the basics and other aspects of Feng Shui. This includes the concept of Ba-Gua which is a tool that analyzes the energy of a certain space in feng shui. Another aspect is the interaction of the five elements namely wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Be aware of the feng shui way wherein a certain direction such as South has its incorporated colors which are red, orange and pink and that it is connected to the element Fire. Avoid mix-ups of colors and elements since this will result to the weakening of energy in that certain area of the house.

Explore feng shui and discover what else it can incorporate on your way of living. This just might bring happiness and a great well-being.

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