04 February 2010

Latest Car and Cool MOD Car

Recently, I have gone crazy with MOD cars and the latest ones. Now I shall reveal my own explorations about these two gentle-cars.

*I wanted a car very much, but I must admit that I didn't have any cash with me. 
I wanted a sporty ones, with fully modified design that suits me.
I wanted a value for money car, with no interest that the money saves me.
Then, I realised that I don't have a car to college everyday, that's annoyed ME!*

Rawr!! I wanna drive... but sadly I can't drive not because my license has been suspended (or I am a aggressive worse driver), I was "banned" from driving. Yeah, I mean it.

Introducing my first gentle-car:
When I was ready to go to college in the morning (driver sends me go leh!), I saw this so-called "Evolution" which is well-modified. The looks are quite interesting, twin exhaust, wide body, 17 inch rims... Gosh! I wish to have an Evo car. But guess what, this car was not Evolution X, it was just a normal Lancer GT which has been modified. Yes, seriously not an Evo.

To modify a car, you need a lot of money! Others thought that modifying a car wastes energy and money, but for me it was just a decoration. Some owner who are willing to pay more money just want to go for a high-end engine instead of the normal ones. In my opinion, let's say if JPJ disapprove your new engine, then what happens to your car? It was just a total disaster for you because you have to spend again to switch back to original engine.

Introducing my second gentle-car:
New Toyota Prius Hybrid! A great technology for fuel efficiency with the usage of electric motor. The aerodynamic design is superb. 

But the price is higher than Camry 2.4-litre. Well... I don't mind to buy this car since this can cut the petrol costs. This could be your eco-friendly car that gives you a better ride. I was wondering if this car ran out of battery, how do you recharge it? I just don't get it. *yikes*


  1. I am somewhat curious on the word "banned'. Haha...

  2. Hi!mine if i add,this hybrid comes with a 1.8cc engine plus a 80hp electric motor and regenerative brakes,so actually charging the battery when you brake and when the engine is running.There is even a model with solar panel to for charging.


  3. I love the toyota prius. Uber cool. :D