03 February 2010

Gurney Drive on Sunday Afternoon

Last Sunday @ 3.30pm:

My dad and I went to Gurney Drive to have our tea break lunch. By that time, *Stomach growls* sitting under a large umbrella on hot weather makes me sweat. I don't know how hot it is but my whole body already showered. Whoa!

Luckily I get to refresh myself by drinking a cup of sugar cane. "Ahhhhhhhh...!" It's so refreshing.
And then I ordered a bowl of Wan Tan Mee soup from the hawker stall. 3 bucks is good enough for my stomach to stop growlin' (It's a bribe!). Anyway I guess my stomach is not paid for stopping the sound. Lol!

Q&A about Wan Tan Mee:

Q: What's in the Wan Tan Mee Soup?
A: Mee with soup, wan tan dumplings, vege and meats.

Q: Why I choose to have soup instead of dry mee?
A: I love to drink it's soup just because the taste is good that I can just drink like a water.

The surroundings of the Gurney Drive. It was really quiet~~~


Normally this place is crowded on weekends, by that time I go there, most of the stalls did not open. I feel weird as I don't know what time they open. Usually last time I came here at around 4-5pm. And when I left that place, some have just started opening for business.

After that, my dad and I went down to Gurney Plaza to search for cheaper DSLR camera. I just get attracted to the Nikon D5000 model. I feel like I wanna hold to it and... *pop* No money wor! *sob sob*

The price for that is RM1999 together with lens and complimentary 8GB memory card and tripod stand. *jealousing* Yoooo! I want it very much! Please bless me to have one of this! It is really undeniable.

Why I choose Nikon? Well, according to my dad, most of the journalists, reporters and not to forget my friendly blogger prefer this brand which has the great quality of imaging. Wherever I go, I saw most of the people carrying the Nikon camera around. One day, I shall be the next proud owner of the great DLSR brand. When I get this soon, I might ask for the professionals to guide me how to use the lenses. :-)

Sunday afternoon has never get me bored. Woohoo! But right now, I am waiting for CNY to come.

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