05 February 2010

Lab Practical, My Story

My college life seems to be more tougher than ever. Now I had started to feel the heat, and also feel worried about this semester's progress. Okay, no worries. "Just Do It" by Nike. "Impossible Is Nothing" by Adidas. Frankly, I wore Nike shoes everyday instead of Adidas which has been stolen weeks ago. I can only keep cool and wait for the time to come, keep focusing on studies bro!

Ok Ok! Cut that nonsense. Back to topic! *Clap Clap*

Every week, when I stepped into the electronic lab, I was thinking about some ways to finish off all the practical question. However, after I had constructed the circuit, I found myself confused with the theory and practical calculations. By that time I felt very disappointed since I am clueless about the circuit analysis and also the calculations.

In my lab practical, my partner and I sometimes have some difficulties of troubleshooting the circuit that we have constructed. She asked me what is this and how is that, then I was unable to answer everything she wants to know. *Sorry ya!* My explanations are damn not good enough for her to understand at all. I also wish to know what is the answer behind this circuit too. Please don't angry me ya! :-P

*My partner a.k.a. fish head with her disappointed face. Huhu~~~*

So how? I really don't know how to solve the problem. The circuits are connected correctly according to the diagram given. But why I still can't get an answer from it? Is it maybe the resistor burnt? Or the circuit is not functioning well?

Speaking about "burn", I had asked a guy from another group, who is a soloist, for a help on my circuit design. However, when he tries "something extraordinary" to get the circuit right, he increased the current from the power supply. More current apply = BURNED POTENTIOMETER! Woohoo! *cheers*

Everyone around my table smelled the freshness of air. But shhh... please don't tell anyone about this especially my lecturer. Anyway, he doesn't know about it at all. He just sat in front of the desk when the burning smell is released at the back. I got lucky to be escaped from being caught burning the component. Haha! *evil laugh*
Answers are not simple to achieve. At least you must know the basics of practical lab in order to achieve the standard results. Look at this, a very complicated circuit that I had to analyse. There is no reason to give up until you really get a best result.

Now my first test has ended for Electronic Devices subject. Conclusion? The answers is quite simple and yet I do not know how to answer. Hopefully I can pass this subject and I won't gonna repeat this again.


  1. i had a subject related to LEDs and that 8 and 16 legged black thingy that looked like spiders..i cheated my way thru and got A-.....till today I think I passed merely out of luck