11 January 2010

Week 2 of Semester 3


Hello readers! The first week of the year 2010 has ended with a blink of an eye. I hope everyone are now in good shape.

The above photo shows my T-ruler which my friend bought for me just this morning. I search this one of a kind 2 sided scale T-ruler everywhere in Penang for the whole week but I can't find any. Most of the shops got only 1 sided scale. My friend said Gurney Plaza got 2 sided scale but when I go there, there are left 1 sided scale and also no scale. I was pissed and disappointed. Luckily, my friend help me buy and I can now use it in my class. So I am grateful to have a T-ruler with me now. Hehe!

Yesterday night, I went to Tanjung Bungah to visit Fred's Cafe for a Thai spicy dinner. The food there was really spicy and also delicious. Since I am getting used with these spicy food before, I have enjoyed his homemade Thai food all the time. We ordered Garlic Chicken, Tom Yam Soup, Otak-otak, Fried Catfish and Kangkung. However, I still can handle the spiciness of these food by drinking 2 tins of Sprite. It's really damn spicy and sweat are pouring on my head. Huhuhu~~~!

By the way, I have snapped some photos of luxury BMW cars. I wish I can have either these cars for travelling around.

BMW 3 series and BMW 525 modified

What are your dream car? I have absolutely no idea which car suits me, but I just wanna drive any kind or any brand will do.

That's all for today! Thanks for viewing my blog. ^_^


  1. Bought a T-Ruler. What course are you studying??
    Architecture? Quantity Surveying? Building? Engineering? :D

    Regards from cr3ap

  2. nice rides.. ehehe.. clicked Nippon and celcom

  3. my dream car too..but correction is Mseries...not modified..

    Nikel Khor