10 January 2010

3 Basic Guidelines for Making a Personal Development Plan

To make a good personal development plan, you just follow these basic  guidelines: recognize your present state, identify your goal, and work  your way to success.

A personal development plan  serves as a blueprint to an individual as he makes his journey through  self-enhancement and development. Here is a list of things you should do  to make a personal development plan specifically for you:

Recognize your present state

Initially, you need to know your present condition in life. Knowing  where you are and what you are like is vital during the process of  making any self-improvement. You must identify your strengths and your  weakness. Classifying your capabilities and shortcomings is helpful  during this process. You must know what skills you have and skills that  you lack.

Identify your goal

The next step is for you to identify your goal. Goal setting is a  major concern here. You need to have a clear set of goals in order to  succeed. Different kinds of people have various goals. Some have a  financial goal, while some others focus on a relationship goal. However,  a personal development goal is something one should not miss having. In  personal development, your goal is to know where you want to be in the  short and long term. Your aim is to figure out the things you need to  develop, improve yourself and take you to the next stage in your  personal maturity. Be concrete and realistic with your personal  development goal. You might want to live a life of integrity, broaden  your knowledge on proper budgeting techniques, or learn how to be prompt  at all times.

Work your way to success

Start acting on your specified goal. Lay out all the steps you need  to follow to accomplish your goal. Use a checklist or journal to keep  track of your improvement. See how your efforts are working to your  advantage. If you have any mistakes along the way, you will have a way  to identify them because you have your checklist. Should you make  mistakes, simply forgive yourself and continue going onwards. You also  must make a clear and practical list of resources to help you meet your  target. Identify the kind of support you need. If you aspire for a  leaner body for a healthier you, then have someone to exercise with you.  As you notice some signs of progress, it is helpful to remember not to  easily be contented with the first few improvements. Rather, you need to  continue challenging yourself to keep moving forward. If not, you might  stop improving altogether and end up going back where you started.

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