12 January 2010

Blog With Care!

First of all, I would like to advice my readers here how to blog with proper own words. Do take note that I will maybe make some mistakes on my post.

1. Do not use your blog to insult one another.
This has becoming more serious in our real life. When one blogger post his blog to insult the person, that person reads it and immediately will get angry. He or she might use every means to track down the blogger. The worst case scenario, the blogger may be caught by them, fire a warning signal, get beaten up or even get death threat. You should avoid this for your own safety.

2. Avoid blogging about politics or sensitive issues.
The news recently is a controversial racial issues about the only word. Well, I don't blog about that as I felt this was against our freedom speech. All I want for my country is just live peacefully, and not to fight against each other. By the way, I fully urged everyone not to talk about politics, just live quietly.

3. Do not plagarise other bloggers' contents or photos.
I wonder how many people have downloaded songs or movies illegally, and how many people buy originally. Well, you may not be sure about the bloggers' contents which are copied directly from another website or true blogging work itself. "Be Original. See Original." That's the phrase from the cinema advertisement before each movie starts. Avoid copying and show your true colours of your blog.

4. Do not spam comments or chatbox.
In this case, I hate spammers! So do you guys out there. Why are they spamming? Reason: To gain popularity of your site? To say "HEY! I'm HERE!"? Nah...! Stop it!!! This has been a nightmare for a blogger like me. 1 post is enough for me to read your reply.  If not enough then you can just wait for tomorrow or go find your friends to have a chat. Spamming is a NO NO for everyone, especially for those who have nothing to do at home, just go get some sleep.

5. Do not post about your personal identity.
This case is quite serious. In the Internet age, online banking fraud or online cheating or etc happens everytime. Once you post your identity, you cannot take it back forever. Your credit card number, telephone number, whatever you post may be used by other user for their purposes. Only trust the website that can safely guarantee your personal details. You need to check this "https://..." which is a secure website so that you can enter your details safely.

Okay, these are my 5 main advice about blogging. And last but not least, happy blogging!

Thank you for viewing. Adios! ^_^


  1. hehe.. cannot reveal real identity?

    how bout real names? can a'ah?

  2. hmmm... depends lah... u see everyone post their real name on Facebook.
    "Post At Your Own Risk." Hehe!

  3. i am trying very hard to scratch out my personal life from my blog because my writing makes people cry foul! (worse thing is I'm merely reviewing something not relevant to the person) :)