13 January 2010

My Kampung Life

Celebrating 1000 visitors of my blog site http://wklow.blogspot.com!

Hooray!  Thank you for your time by viewing my 2 month old blog site. I'm trying my best to improve my blog site for my readers and also my blogger friends too. :)

I would like to introduce to you the photos of my kampung life in Wang Pong district, Phetchabun province, Thailand. I went there with my mum and my bro 2 months ago.

My cousins

The photos of the housing area.




While I was really bored, I always play with this cat. Meow~~~! Hehe!

 Smelly pussycat! SHOO~~!

When I was awake, my mum is taking photos of this cute picture of this cat sleeping on my bro's arm. Damn cute wey..!

Meow... zzzzz!


Once again... Thank you for viewing! May the luck be with you. ^_^


  1. Good to enjoy your life at kampung. It sure have good environments and nice breathing air compare to KL with polluted air. Seems cute the cat lapping on to your brother's arm. Nice one.

    Regards from cr3ap

  2. nice kampung you have.
    kampung's are getting rare these times... better appreciate it more. visit kampungs more often.. :D

  3. thai's kamgpung is not much different with malaysia's kg..


    keep on blogging.. congratz