09 January 2010

8 Important Features You Want in Your Office Chair to Maximize Comfort and Productivity

Here are important features you will want to make sure the office  chair you are about to purchase has: an adjustable seat height, a  movable backrest, lumbar support, adequate width and depth of the seat,  comfortable padding and material, armrests, control for adjustments, and  easy mobility.

Having the best quality office chairs in the workplace is a major concern for many people who want the best  in comfort and ease when completing various tasks in the workplace.  Choosing one requires a certain amount of scrutiny so you get the best  one for you. Here is what you should look for when making your  selection:

Adjustable seat height

Your office chair should have an adjustment provision for the height  of the seat. For the finest comfort, you should be able to sit in such a  way that your thighs are on a horizontal position with the floor.

Movable backrest

It is necessary that the backrest of your chair can be positioned in a  manner that fits your job tasks. It should be capable of moving either  forward or backward, too. Make sure it has a good locking device that  grips the backrest in place so that it will not suddenly tilt towards  the back.

Lumbar support

A curved backrest will provide you with the comfort you need while in  the office. Choose one that has a contour that perfectly fit your  innate spine shape. Good lumbar support is very important to you because  it will minimize any compression or strain on your spine, specifically  on the lumbar discs in your lower back.

Adequate width and depth of seat

This is an essential requirement when buying a chair for the  workplace. Adequate width and depth of the seat will enable you to sit  comfortably on your chair for longer periods of time. If you are tall,  go for a chair that has a deep seat. But, if you are not too tall, you  can have a chair with a shallow seat.

Comfortable padding and material

Choose a chair that has material and padding that allows your body to  breathe. One good option is to pick a chair that is made of fabric.


Armrests can contribute to the reduced strain off of your neck and  shoulders. The armrests should have an adjustable feature to enables you  to position them in a way that will allow you to sit with ease and keep  you from slouching.

Control for adjustments

The adjustment control of your chair should be reachable even when  you are in a seated position. It should allow you to tilt and move your  chair lower or higher. Most of all, you should be able to turn the chair  around while in a seated position.

Easy mobility

Easy mobility is one great feature to consider because it will allow  you to efficiently move to different areas of your office. Casters make  it possible for office chairs to provide you with maximum and easy  mobility.

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