09 July 2009

Are Merchant Account Providers Safe from Hackers

No single merchant account provider is absolutely safe from hackers and other "e-criminals". However, they may be less susceptible compared to other business entities due to their optimum security management. Account providers should have security protection through the following safety precautions: put security as the first priority, provide anti-hacking system, and implement mandatory encryption.

Hackers are those who gain access on computer security whose motive is of stealing money from other people. Even merchant providers with the most advanced and tight computer security protection are not spared from hackers and scammers. To avoid the possibility of being hacked, they should follow certain security measures like:

Put security as the first priority

Make sure your account provider considers security as its first priority by having all necessary software tools to detect fraud and the security protection. A quality service provider must have Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards to efficiently protect sensitive information like the credit card number. Another thing to consider when choosing an account provider is the expertise and experience it has in dealing with all kinds of fraud.

Provide anti-hacking system and safety measures

Beware of software that try to mimic human actions. Never install software you are unfamiliar with since some of them may contain spywares from unscrupulous users. A good service provider must possess fraud detector to avoid huge loss of money. Spyware detectors should be installed into their system to monitor suspicious activities of "e-criminals".

Implement mandatory encryption

Encryption is a process of transforming plain text into unreadable information, which is commonly used by account providers for security measures. With mandatory encryption, customers' credit card details are concealed so that hackers will have no way to steal them.

While account providers consistently update and strengthen the protection of their clients, computer hackers are also doing their part to successfully penetrate and take full control over the service providers' finances. Hackers are working so hard to come up with some techniques to get through the merchants' accounts and copy confidential information. This leaves the account providers no chance to relax and take things lightly since hackers may intrude at a time you least expect them.

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