10 July 2009

Tips on How to Select the Right Merchant Account Provider

To select the right merchant account provider an applicant should do more research on every merchant account provider, consider the provider’s reputation, compare their fees and rates, choose a provider that accepts any type of credit card with excellent services and customer support, ask for client referrals, and understand the terms and conditions applied to the merchant account.

There are already a number of merchant account providers out there who are more than willing to help you with your business. But, it is very important to choose the right merchant account provider because this will assure you the stability and success of your business in the long run. Choosing the right merchant account provider for your business is a very complicated task to do, especially when almost all account providers offer the same rates and services. Below are some tips to help you pick the right merchant account provider.

Research on every merchant account provider

It would be the first step to find the best merchant account provider. Gather more information about merchant account and their providers.  It could either be through the Internet or by asking people who have a good background in banking and finance.  It will inform you more about the merchant account systems and it will also enable you to compare from one merchant account provider to the other thus it will enable you to see which one is better and most likely fit your business’ needs.

Consider the merchant account provider’s reputation

An account provider’s reputation reflects its image and how it works in the industry. You can check some information about a provider at the Business Bureau report. It is from there that you will be able to find what and how many complaints the provider received from its customers. This will also enable you to choose providers with lesser complaints from their customers.

Compare fees and rates

Fees and rates are very important factors to consider in choosing the right merchant account provider for your business. Though they may be misleading but they shouldn’t confuse your judgment. There are lots of merchant account providers offering very low rates to lure you to them but always be mindful that you might discover that there are hidden charges later on or poor services. Check out all their fees and rates including the application fee, per-transaction fee, etc.

Choose a provider that accepts a wide array of credit cards with great services

A merchant account provider that will let you accept different kinds of credit card will even invite more customers to your business. Also choose a provider that lets you accept different currencies. Also make sure that all transactions must be processed in real time and remittances should be on a weekly basis.

Choose an account provider with excellent customer support

Customer support plays a major role in terms of having a merchant account, thus, go for a company that offers this service 24/7. It will help you at times when there are transaction problems or if you need technical support. Great customer service is also an indicator that a company is a reputable one.

Ask for client referrals

An authentic merchant account provider will readily give you referrals if you ask them to. These current clients will give their comments about the company which will give you more information about the account provider.

Understand the terms and conditions

This will help you measure if you can really trust the provider to handle your business’ credit card processing or not.

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