08 July 2009

Steps in Signing Up for a Free Merchant Account

To sign-up for a free merchant account, you should first find a free merchant account provider, fill out the application form of the merchant account, and confirm the merchant account to get it activated.
For any online business that deals products or any services online, it is always a need to have a merchant account. A merchant account basically accepts and processes credit or debit cards payments or electronic check from your customers. In this way, your online business will attract more customers.

There are already lots of free merchant account providers out there who are ready to help you with your business’ needs. Free merchant accounts are alternatives to a regular merchant account if you’re really on the budget and you want an easy and fast application processing. Here are the steps to sign up for a free merchant account:

Step 1: Find a free merchant account provider

Find a merchant account provider that is suitable for your needs. You just need to do some research on these companies to see if they really have good merchant services and are dependable.  There are a number of good companies offering free online merchant accounts to small or large businesses like PayPal or Amazon. Most of these online merchant account providers will grant you a merchant account with no sign up and monthly fees and only charge you with little percentage of all payments being processed in your account.

Step 2: Fill out the application form of the free merchant account

When you finally have found the best merchant account provider for you, just go to their website and sign up for free. When you see a “sign up” or “create an account” button on their homepage, click that button. You will then be forwarded to another page where you would need to enter some important personal or business information, like your email address or login id and password, name, date of birth, home address and country where you came from, business or company name, identification number, bank account. Provide correct information because once you entered them, it would be very difficult for you to change any of them. You may also have to read first the terms and conditions being applied on the merchant account before your account will be created. The signing up process would only take about 5-10 minutes.

Step 3: Confirm your merchant account to get it activated

Once you have signed and created an account, most free online merchant account providers will have to ask for your credit card to confirm your bank account and credit card before you’ll start accepting payments. You need to log in to your merchant account and follow some command prompts on your screen. The provider will then charge a small amount of money to your credit card or bank account. This will be reversed when the confirmation process is done. Once you’ll receive the money, you will then have to enter the transaction number of the charge on a confirmation screen. Once this is done, your merchant account will be activated and you are now ready to accept payments on your website.

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