21 December 2007

3 Fundamental Gears to Bring when Going Fishing

Always be prepared when you plan to go on a fishing trip. You should always keep in mind to bring your survival gear, outdoor equipment, and most especially your fishing gear.

Fishing is a fun hobby and a favorite sport enjoyed by many especially when it is done with family and friends.  This activity is good for starters who wanted to learn a new hobby, or even professionals who already joined organizations like the American Sportfishing Association (ASA), or smaller groups like the Ontario Outdoors Recreational Alliance (OntORA) whose members are dynamic Ontario fishing aficionados.

But, whether you are just a beginner or a pro, it is still very essential to know what equipments to bring before you go on a fishing trip. They are as follows:

Survival gear

Going fishing may be fun but it also mean that you’re going to test your limits on the great outdoors. One of its major tests is how you can survive in an unfamiliar location that is unlike your home even if you’re only going to stay on the fishing ground for a day or longer. That is why the first thing you will bring on site is your survival gear. The gear composed of basic items that will make you last on field for hours or days. This usually consists of foods, adequate amount of clean water, clothes, first aid kit, sunscreen and sun glasses, and bug repellents. You may also bring spoons and forks, knives, coolers to store food, and pots or pans and stoves for cooking.  Bring foods that are easy to cook or prepare. Bring plenty of clean water because their might be no available potable water in the area. Clothes that is appropriate for the weather is advisable, but sweatshirts and jackets should always brought whenever the wind is chilly. It is also advisable to wear old sandals or sneakers, in case you will get dirty or smelly. First aid kit helps you in unaccepted events like accidents, cuts, bee stings, etc. Sun screen and sun glasses protect you skin/eyes from the heat of the sun especially when you are out in the open waters. Bug repellents help repel mosquitoes and other wild bugs.

Outdoor equipment

For those who like to stay on the fishing ground for days, you may need outdoor equipments. These equipment consist of tents, sleeping bags, rain gear, and a light source. After you went fishing, tents are excellent shelter to sleep and relax for a new fishing day ahead. Sleeping bags definitely helps you take a good night sleep after a tiring day from catching some fish. Rain gear is a must for the unpredictable weather conditions. Any form of light source like flashlights or lamps can be used during the night.

Fishing gear

The fishing gear shouldn’t be forgotten or else your trip will only become an ordinary camping trip. A fishing gear includes a rod with a reel, line and leader, tippet, selection of baits, clippers, fly box, nets, waders, vests, a tackle box, utility knife, some pliers, and a filer.

To make your fishing experience worth it, best be prepared than worry so much with things you left behind. By being prepared, it will guarantee you a fun-filled worry-free fishing adventure.

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