20 December 2007

6 Important Information about the Use of USA Prepaid SIM Cards

Important information you need to know about using prepaid SIM cards in the US include the following: the nature of prepaid SIM cards; the conditions needed to use US prepaid SIM cards; obtaining US  prepaid SIM cards; activation of services and assignment of mobile numbers; reloading or recharging of SIM cards; and, termination of USA SIM cards.

Staying in the US for at least a month can be very expensive for roaming or postpaid services.  The most practical way to stay in touch would be getting yourself a USA prepaid SIM card.  Here are some useful information that can help you with using USA prepaid SIM cards:

Nature of prepaid SIM cards

With prepaid SIM cards, you can stay in touch without the burden of monthly obligations as in post paid plans or subscription-based services.  Otherwise known as "pay as you go" services, prepaid SIM cards involve credits, which are deducted as you use the phone for calls and other services.  There are no contracts involved, no minimum usage required, and credit limits, thus giving you more freedom and flexibility when it comes to usage.  Because there is no contract involved, the use of prepaid SIM cards have become helpful and economical for tourists and businessmen alike, staying in a foreign country temporarily.

Conditions needed to use US prepaid SIM cards

Before getting yourself a US prepaid SIM card, make sure your phone is not locked and is compatible with a USA Sim card.  Most GSM phones can be used internationally, but you can ask your mobile phone manufacturer to be sure that your phone will work in the US.
Obtaining US prepaid SIM cards

Most prepaid cards come with handsets, but if you wish to use your current hand phone that is compatible with US prepaid SIM cards, you can also find sellers who do not require you to obtain a phone from them.  US SIM cards can usually be bought from service providers like TMobile and AT&T, as well as specialty shops, like USA SIMs.  You can purchase your prepaid SIM card once you get to the US or have it shipped to your home address as most providers ship worldwide in around 6-10 days from purchase.  Alternately, you can have it delivered in the your US address where you will be staying.  Shipping within US usually takes 2-3 days.

Activation of services and assignment of mobile numbers

Once you purchase your US prepaid SIM card, you will also get detailed intructions on the activation of services, as well as other pertinent information on balance inquiries, recharging your SIM card, and activation of other special services, like roaming and voicemail.  After successfully activating your SIM card, you will then receive your mobile number.

Reloading or recharging of SIM cards

Recharging your US prepaid SIM cards is a lot easier than buying one.  You can buy credits at gas stations, drug stores, and convenience stores.  The validity of these credits vary on the amount loaded.  For example, a $10 load will expire after 30 days; a $20 credit after 90 days; and a $50 after 180 days.

Termination of US SIM cards

To prevent your US prepaid SIM card from expiring, you must recharge it before it expires, depending on the latest amount you recharged as previously illustrated.  Verify with your product information for exact validity of credits.  On the other hand, if you wish to terminate your US prepaid SIM card, simply do not add more credits to your SIM card and keep it inactive for months.

The concept of using US prepaid SIM cards is similar to those offered in other countries.  The only thing you need to be wary of is the compatibility of your mobile unit with US SIM cards.

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