22 December 2007

5 Important Considerations for Pool Deck and Decking around Spa

To build a pool deck or install a decking around a spa, consider these things first: three basic factors when planning for the installation; ultimate struggle in having this type of project; their effect on real estate value; the viability of a do-it-yourself project; and, basic design principles of the installation.

A pool deck for above-ground swimming pool is chiefly made of wood, while its  in-ground equivalent is generally using stone, pool pavers, and concrete.  Whatever materials you prefer doesn't matter much. So long as the material is slip-resistant and durable. Of course, the cost and how it looks would in a way matter too.  When installing a pool deck or having a decking around a spa, consider these things:

Three basic factors when planning for the installation

When you think of having this type of installation, consider these three factors first:

  • general space to be used - think of how you want to utilize the space. Whether purely as a means of getting to the pool from the deck, or perhaps serving another purpose as an entertainment space as well. Its overall usage would determine the cost, design, and kind of products to choose.
  • style of the deck - homeowners can then decide on what materials to select to achieve his style preference. A natural stone or a pool paver whichever is more suitable.
  • texture and color scheme - homeowners should also take into account the color scheme and texture that would best complement the style and look of the deck.

Ultimate struggle in having this type of project

On great challenge of every homeowner is the  material to use for a pool deck or decking around a spa. Selecting the number of materials as well as the number of material styles to have is really mind-boggling.  Longevity of these materials would be another issue. That goes with the extent of the maintenance needs too.

Their effect on real estate value

A beautifully designed outdoor space such as a pool deck or decking around a spa will positively affect the real estate market value of  your property when you sell later on. You will find it easier to dispose and attract buyers interests right away because of its usage and aesthetic contributions.

The viability of a do-it-yourself project

It is possible to have a do-it-yourself project when decking around a spa. However, a pool deck and a replacement job a round a pool are better off when done by a professional. employing the services of an expert such as a Delaware deck builder, will guarantee you quality workmanship and less likely to incur any damages to your pool.

Basic design principles of the installation

Decking around spas or installations of pool decks should follow the guidelines set by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute or ICPI. Landscape architects are experienced on this concerns.

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