19 May 2007

4 Significant Ways by Which the Planets in the Houses of Your Birth Chart Affect Your Personality

The planets in Astrology and the houses they are situated have important influence in your personality.  The following  conditions in your birth chart are said to have significant effects on your personality: planets found in the Ascendant of your birth chart;  planets found in the first house; other planets in other houses; and different planetary aspects.

astrology planets are said to be the forces that act upon your life and are revealed in the houses of your birth chart.  These planetary forces and all the other factors in your birth chart make up your life and affect every part of yourself, including your personality, your career, your home, and even your love life.  Planets in the houses of your birth chart greatly affect your personality in different ways.

Planets found in the Ascendant of your birth chart

The Ascendant is the cusp or the starting line of your first house.  Otherwise known as the rising sun, this cusp is said to reveal a lot about your personality.  It tells you how you appear to others.  It is the mask that you carry around and it is the way you are as seen initially by other people you come across.  A planet’s quality in your Ascendant is strongly evident by how others may sense you.  Let us take for example Mars is in your Ascendant.  Considering Mars is the planet characterized by discipline, determination, and action, your overt personality would most likely be of these qualities.  People would most like see you as an aggressive and firm person.

Planets found in the first house

The first house is said to be the “self” house.  Your inherent personality is reflected in this house of your birth chart.  Any planet found in this house is said to reveal its traits in your personality.  If Mercury, for example, is in your first house, you are most likely to be an intelligent and brilliant person.  Since Mercury is responsible for mental and communication skills, you will be more of a fast-learner and you find it easy to communicate your thoughts and ideas to other people.

Other planets in other houses

As the first house reveals most of your personality, the other eleven houses that concern other areas in your life also reflect your character.  This will depend on the planets that are present in them, giving enough force to influence your personality.  Say for instance, Venus is in your eleventh house.  The dominant forces of Venus are said to be of beauty, creativity, love, and friendship.  The eleventh house speaks of your acquaintances and friendships.  With Venus in your eleventh house, you are most likely to have a very friendly personality.  You love to meet new acquaintances and you are great in making new friends.

Different planetary aspects

The planetary aspects or the arrangement and distance of the planets in the certain houses of your birth chart also add to the formation of your personality.  Different character attributes are revealed depending on what planets are involved, in which houses they are situated, and what aspect they form.  Let us use our previous example wherein Venus is in your eleventh house.  If Venus is in conjunct with Mercury, it would mean that both planets strengthen each other’s energies.  In this case, you must be very good at making and keeping new connections, furthered by your ability to compromise when the need arises.  With your great communicative abilities, you are able to maintain healthy and wonderful relationships with other people, especially your friends and acquaintances.

Wherever your planets are located in your birth chart, they all have significant impact on your personality and your life as a whole.  It is important to know about their influence in your personality, so you can truly understand yourself.  It will help you utilize your potentials in life, as well as recognize your weaknesses and improve your individuality.   In the end, you will end up loving yourself better than before.   You will end up valuing who you truly are.

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